Saturday, September 20, 2008

Must Have Title Ka?

Whee~~~~ I'm free of tests!! For now lah..... I can sleep well tonight. =) I've not been sleeping properly cos I was worried about my test. 2 tests in a day is insane. Both are major subjects and I don't think I'll do well. Not to say I won't pass(of course, hopefully I'll pass), I might not meet my expectations. And I have to admit, I am different from the Christine you saw back in high school. She's a little more kiasu now. Well, I am kiasu when need be at least.

Prom night's coming up. I'm still contemplating on whether to go or not. Still not sure. Well, mainly I'm waiting for luck that some guy asks me to be his date(ahem! Abg Cina) or just go with friends. Like what Phil, Liang Wei and I talked about the other day. We go as bachelors(I, the bachelorette) then we look for partners while we're there. if we're excellent flirters. I don't think that's gona happen.

I don't really know what I wana post today but I thought of an interesting one. The other day, I don't know why, by chance or whatsoever my friends were asking me how's Green Road like. So I tell them my story. So I think I'll tell you things that you may know or not know about my school. And also our deepest and darkest secret that may shock you.

Green Road's nothing much actually. We're excellent academically, often having the highest number of PMR and SPM achievers in Sarawak(I think). That's the good part. The bad part or perhaps the coolest part bout Green Road, is that it's a school with no rules. Yes, the rules are there but never practiced. "Ghost rules" you may call it. Why is Green Road seemingly without rules? Wana go out? Skati you la. Go out of class la. Teacher won't scold. If they scold pun nothing happen. So just go out if you want to. Don't feel like coming to school? Sure. Stay at home is you like. Wana sleep in class? Go ahead. There's no stopping you. Just sleep. Need to smoke? Yeah, sure. Just head down the toilet to smoke. Greeting teachers? Nah, who needs them? Wana fight? Fight la. It's not like the teachers or the school's gona do something bout it right? Girls would wear earrings and have crazy hairdos or not tie their hair at all. So does the guys. Their hair all spiked up and long.

Yup. That's Green Road. The irony is that we're smart. People usually have this impression that smart school people are lao sik, goody-goody people with halos floating over their heads. Haha....think again. It's really not like that in Green Road. Really. I am not making things up. All the things I said up there is all true. (I am one of those who skati keluar class and sleep in class btw.) But honestly speaking, I think we're a little too young to not have rules.

Hmmm.....I don't know what's this thing that I have with Physics class. Way back in Form 4, I always sleep in Physics class. In Form 5, I get sleepy but not to the extend that I'll actually sleep lah. Then now, in college, I still do that! I can't help it lah. This week, I was really sleepy tahap dewa. I really had to sleep that day. It's like......I'm cursed to sleep in Physics class or something. Haha...I don't know. Maybe cos of the way the lecturer/teacher teach is boring and uninteresting.

That's all of my ramblings for now.

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