Thursday, September 25, 2008


Today, I really do not have a good mood but I try not to show it lah. I was trying my very best to be really happy and not stress myself out. Memang my thoughts not tenteram the whole day cos I was thinking of my essay. Yeah. I just can't be at peace when I know something's not done. Thankfully, I have friends around me to make me feel a whole lot better.

And..I really couldn't concentrate in EM just now. My lecturer was saying loads of things that my brain can't register. At least I understand my notes lah. It's either that or I just don't like Miss Phang. Yeah. I don't like her for some reasons. Just now, she asked us to try some examples. A while later, she asked us,"You all finish or not?" And I got annoyed by that question cos I wasn't done yet. So I said to myself,"*grumbles* haiyah, not that fast lah!!" =X And she heard it. My goodness....nang kantoi lah just now. And to think that I really said it angrily. I meant to say it to myself but ne tauk, she heard it and replied me.

And...I can't believe I actually skipped General Maths. Tired bah. I had to go to the library to sleep a while after my lunch. Cos I know my lecturer's gona teach a bit and we'll be doing nothing for the next one hour.

But today's really fun lah. Well, everyday is. Hehe.

Right now, I'm just feeling sooooo....I don't know. Emo and jiwang combined? Really kinda sucks. Adalah another thing that's bothering me. Mala jak ada distraction. Okay. I'm off.

Oh hair!! Makin gugur you know...I don't know why but I think cos I'm just stressed. A lot of my hair fall off these days. Huhuhu.....I don't wana be bald!! I hope it gets better....I'm so changing my shampoo.

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