Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fragile Hearts

I can't believe that guy's going around breaking people's hearts again. Is it not enough that you broke mine and my friend's hearts? What is it that you want? X puas hati ka? Why does innocent girls have to suffer? I know many girls are so into you but why do you wana be with them when you feel nothing towards them? We're not toys you know! We have feelings! Emotions! I just don't know how such a handsome guy can be so heartless. I care cos it happened to me and I don't want others to feel the pain I felt.

Ah well....hopefully he'll change. Well, he's the past. I wana go for guys that are a little less good looking. For they're the ones who are kind and nice. Respecting me and not treating me like some toy.

And I've found him..... He was right in front of me all along. =)

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