Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shoe Talk

By the way, I saw this cool shoe at Fashion Girl in Kenyalang Park. I am very determined to get it cos it looks so high fashion. The best part is, it's only RM49.90! Something so high fashion at that price? I just can't say no. How can I? It's so irresistable, so tempting..... Though it wasn't what I was looking for, I must get it!! Lol....I'm so not following priorities. But hey, if I can get it for cheap, why not? There's Fashion Girl at Spring too but I think I can bargain at Kenyalang Park. Hehe. Can't blame me for being a cheapskate aight? I'm just a girl who has a father that has money. I am pennyless.

I am looking for black flats to replace my current ones. My current ones condemn already. Haha. Still haven't found one. I was thinking of getting peep toed ones. Ah well. Gotta go survey more and buy "the one" that I fall even love with at first sight.

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