Friday, January 2, 2009

Where'd You Go? I Missed You So...

Wow....I've been away for long time haven't I? Didn't expect it either.

Well I've been busy. Going back to Sri Aman to visit my grandparents. The day after coming back from Sri Aman was yet another busy day of decorating and practising for the party. Cousin's wedding the following day and Barbecue at my house. So I am sleep deficit since I came back from Sri Aman. Last night was the New Year's Night Watch at church and tonight....just finishing up my Malaysian Studies assignment. And it's now nearly 1am. 2nd January 2009. It's sad that Christmas is over so soon. And the New Year is in. Fast isn't it?

1st January. I decided to spend the day with my cousins. I had fun with them. Especially in the arcade. And today was the first time I ate in Sushi King. I must say, awesome lunch I had there. Really. Sushi was good. Yummy.... Too bad I didn't buy anything though. But I saw lots of nice T-shirts which is in abundance in my closet. Ah well.

2009. It's so fast. Now it's like....2 years ago since I finished secondary school! o.O I'm old!! D= But my looks say otherwise. So what's my New Year's resolution? Haven't actually thought about it to be honest. But I did make one sometime in November. My resolution is to be able to sing and play the piano at the same time by the end of this year. Also, I'd like to discover myself even more this year and to become closer to God. These are the 3 main things that I ask for this year.

Well, I wana go off now. See ya around guys!

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