Thursday, January 8, 2009

Life At 5L

First day of work was awesome. I really love my job it's not that tough really but a really good experience for me. But before I went to work, I saw this....

This car was seriously on fire. But thankfully when I reached the traffic light at the other end, the firemen came. I really wonder how it got on fire. Till today, the 'bangkai' kereta is still there.

Anyway, work. Yes, work. I met all my co-workers. Apparently, one of my co-workers was my old friend, Ina Chong who used to be in GB as well. And there's Mel, my sister's friend. (my boss is also my sister's friend) I met Julie, an Iban from Lubok Antu. She is really talented in making drinks. Even though she's not very educated, I admire how she can try and replicate a drink. Goldie (yes GOLD-ie) is our chef at Five Loaves. And then there's Thierry. A guy same age as I am. Kinda *ahem!* hot. =)

The cute guy from LEPO did come and lim teh with his tauke. And today, I made a delivery to SUPP office and on the way back, I met with cute guy and he passed me a tea cup that his tauke brought back and forgot to return. The fun thing about my job is that I do deliveries. =) At least get out of the cafe once in a while.

Overall my workload not that heavy cos not many customers these few days. So relax abit lah. At one point around 3pm like that feel sleepy cos nobody come. But once everybody come, nang hectic lah. Today, I don't know why but most of our customer's face nang gaok lah. Takut aku.... There's this 2 ladies that came, very gaok, b****y looking, sat down and smoke. I tell you, it scared the hell out of me! And I'm the one who have to serve them. =S Scary dowh...they look like they're gona scratch me and eat me anytime. And another one bukan main jeling lah.... After the whole chaos, Julie was telling me,"Bisik dik pedak mua customer nyak? Ukai main ya jeling aku..." Translation: Did you see that customer's face? Keep on jeling me... I totally understand you Ju. I just kept myself busy so that I don't have to look at their ready-to-kill faces. But there were extremely friendly customers who really made me feel better lah. Thank God for these customers!

Oh yeah, some customers very funny one. Some will ask for things that are not on the menu. For example, maggi mee goreng. So because of these customers, we suddenly have maggi mee goreng in the menu. And I had a customer who ordered Kueh Tiaw Soup which is non-existent in the menu also. Somehow my wonderful boss, Angel came up with a KT soup. Haha. How do we charge? Simple. We usually have standard pricing for noodles in a bowl. Some customers very fussy one. Yesterday they let me rasa a regular that is extremely fussy, who wants his soft boiled egg not too soft and not too hard. And he wants very little butter on his roti. And he even added ," Boil the eggs for 6 minutes." Wah.... And yes, I wrote all that down. Scared mah...have to make the customer happy. If customer not happy, my boss not happy, then I not happy also.

And staffs of 5L are busy preparing for CNY!! We made these....

So this is basically my work life, wiping tables and taking people's orders. No matter how scary and fussy people may be, I still enjoy what I do. It's still fun. My co-workers are definitely the coolest. By the way, if you wana work, there's still vacancy for waiters/waitresses cos there's definitely not enough people in here. Permanent ones are most preferred.

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