Monday, January 5, 2009

Nostalgias and Praises

oh yeah. Last night I went for the Carolling apprecitation dinner at Chef's Special. I always underestimated that place. I didn't know the food was awesome. And....there was KARAOKE!!! The moment I saw it, the temptation to sing and go crazy is there. Hahaha..... And sing and go crazy we did. All that WITHOUT ALCOHOL. People can have fun without getting wasted you know. It's better to have fun and remember it the next morning rather than have fun and wake up to find that you don't remember anything. Savour every moment and every second of your life. Don't waste it. Anyway, we sang lots of songs from our youth. (Yerdeh) Songs by Westlife, Spice Girls and the number one chosen is Backstreet Boys. I laugh at the sight of Nick Carter cos I remember my childish crush on him. I was wondering what did I find so attractive about him as a child. Haha. Come on, that hair is so passe! xD

I remember our Barbecue party at my house. We invited friends over. It was a whole lot fun and all that without booze. My older cousins came to our house at around 11pm and he was so impressed that we did it all without alcohol. Come on, we can have fun without it. Well, what I do is just provide juice and food. Bring friends over and let them mingle around. We're just plainly hanging out. It's not really a party with dancing and all that. We do have music but it's not meant for dancing. I wonder what happens if we have karaoke? =D That would be bliss.... I'm so gona ask my parents for karaoke. xD time we shall have a karaoke party!! =D =D =D Oh.....delightful!! XD

Blame the karaoke madness on my cousin's wedding and last night. Wahaha...

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