Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What Do We Have Here..???

You know, in Facebook there's the photo app where you can view other people's photo albums right? Well, I kinda got sick of people's camwhore pics. I don't give a damn!! Really not interesting to look at. And I realized that nobody's interested in events pic unless it looks really nice. Now that my contacts have reached a 100++ and no matter how hard I try to delete people, I still have 100++ friends, so I have loads of people uploading photos. I only like to look at pics that are really artsy like Sonia's. Loving her art projects. It's just so different. My sis' has friends who are professional photograhers and they take really interesting pictures. And this explains why I've not created a photo album for so long. I'm still getting my inspiration back. Now with Summer Semester over, I'd probably do some photography projects. Just need to find my inspiration and ideas once more(actually, I got it back). So...yeah. I miss SPM cos that's when my creative juices were really oozing. Hahaha....

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