Saturday, January 24, 2009

He Takes Care of Me =)

Yup. That's right. Western countries are having an economic low down which means it's gona affect most South East Asian countries as well. I heard from a guy who quoted this,"When America coughs, the world catches a cold." Kinda true ain't it?

As you all have heard (or may not know) about 45, 000 people are gona be jobless after CNY. And that is sad. I really am happy that I have job! It's during this time that money disappear overnight. I watched CNN a week or two ago and it was reported that there were many suicide cases because of the global recession. And the suicide cases are all those big and successful business people earning probably millions. It is pretty alarming how these people lost their money overnight and resolved to take their own life. And all because of what? MONEY. But can't blame them. I mean, they've relied on their money that without it, they just don't know any other way to live. (Well, truth is, nobody can!) LOL.

And so it all boils down to we just live for money? I think for a person who is an atheist or an agnostic, the answer is yes. So we put our trust in money and when it's gone, take your own life? Wow. That's pretty.....boring I must say. There MUST be more to life than money. There has to be. We all want a purpose. For many, their purpose is to earn money. But what if there's no more money? Then there wouldn't be purpose anymore right? So what's our purpose? Living for God is my answer. Money is not the answer. Money comes and go. God's the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and all the days to come.

So who or what do we rely on? God? Or money? Money is happiness, happiness is short-lived. God is joy and joy is forever - even if we don't have money. Cos there's always other things to be thankful or grateful for.

Today, since I'm not working and there's no GB, I decided to write a song. It's a song that's about my experience with financial problems. Cos I for one am not unfamiliar with financial problems but this time, it's harder. But it's okay. Cos I still got a house to live in, still got food on the table and I've got clothes on. I can't have all the luxuries that I used to have but hey, at least I've got what I need right? Hardships definitely made me a lot more grateful for small things. This song is called....Take Care Of Me. I didn't record it cos it's not finished yet. It's not finished cos my bro suggested that I put a bridge in it so yeah, I'm still working on it but I hope this song will encourage you. =)

Take Care Of Me

When times are hard
It wrenches your heart
Trying to find someone to blame
(Trying to get out of this mess)

You blame your dad
Thinking he's not trying hard
To get food on the table
(And it gets harder still)

But there's a lesson to learn
To just keep holding on
To cherish the simple things
That's right in front of you

It's as though the birds sing sweeter
It's as though the sun shines brighter
Though I don't have Dolce & Gabbana
I still have clothes on my back
Isn't the Lord keeping His promise
To take care of me (4x)

Just to give an idea of how it should sound like....think of...Story of The Year. It kinda has the style. This song is for a male vocalist. Am gona hunt for one in church. LoL. Well I just can't wait for the day that I can actually record this. Anyways, I just hope it will encourage you to have a different outlook in life.

As for myself, I will take Gio's advice to stop spending on what I want but on what I need ONLY. I rummaged into my closet and found loads of clothes that I don't wear anymore and decided to give it to those who needs it more than I do. All of them are still in good condition. There's one Adidas tee(and the only Adidas that I have!) that's still good. The person who receives it will be thrilled! =)


BigGio said...

yalah! i still dnt get it. y ppl still spend as if the global economy is stable. huh! well, rite nw, i'm kinda hestitate to quit from Kenny coz it's a waste of job.

Christine Dior said...

yeah...don quit yet lah....look for others first.

ku nang ada temptation mok beli benda2 mhl ngan gaji pertama aku..... huhuhu...bila teringat financial problem, xpat lah....harus jimat! x blh boros!!