Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Love You

Valentine's Day is just round the corner! This year, it is something that I look forward to. Now, allow me to be transparent and let out my affections for a special someone. It's not like I get to do it all the time, not that I like to show PDA anyway. But for this Valentine's Day, let me boast of my love (chewah!).

His name, Josef. Never have I fell in love with a man better than he. Just saying his name makes my heart skip a beat. Despite being together for more than half a year, it still feels like yesterday and I hope and wish it continues on like this forever.

For those who know me, I've not been with anyone since my first boyfriend and had my heart broken once in between. And I don't simply choose a guy. He may not be like any guy that graces the covers of magazines, or rich, or popular, but he is definitely a guy that has character and a gentleman - something that is close to extinction. Best of all, he is mom approved. =) I know that he may seem to be like a nobody but what people don't know is that nobodys are more faithful, more loving, more caring and very sweet as compared to somebodys. Somebodys would say sugar-coated words to make them more popular but nobodys will correct you, even though it hurts.

He understands a great deal about me, and when there are some parts that he don't, he'll make an effort to understand. He opens the door for me even if I don't want him to. Takes my bag for me even though I say that I am capable of doing that myself. I always think that I can do things alone but he makes me realize that I need help sometimes. He is the one that I can share anything with. He would tell me how I stand out from beautiful girls because of my character.

People ask me if I'm worried if he cheats on me. Why should I be? You should know whether the guy you wish to pursue is a player before you go with him. We started off as friends and gradually grew to love one another. In a way, we figured each other out. Slowly, but surely. Best of all, he is someone who shares the same faith. He is someone that I can talk about God with and pray with.

I just want you to know how much I do love you and that you are my pride and joy. You are someone that I boast to my friends whenever I can. And at the same time, I love how we kept things low. People don't even have to read this to know that we love each other. They just do.

I am definitely looking forward to that home cooked meal with you this Valentine's Day and the Chocolate Brownies. ^^, Nothing fancy, but I definitely love it. I don't wish to spend RM68++ for a dinner anyway. Why should we spend so much when I can cook a delicious meal for less than that, right dear?

Hugs and kisses.
I Love You.

Harap maaf kalau sangat PDA. Skali jak. ^^v

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