Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kuching Meets Singa

Hohoho.....I'm back from Singapore!!'s been about 3 days since a came back. Been lazy to blog about my trip but I shall do it today. Teehee...

What can I say bout my trip to Singapore?

Watch Paramore live. Check.
Meet Paramore in person. Uncheck.

Well, it was my first time overseas so I am definitely stoked bout this trip. And it was so amazing! Watching Paramore live in front of me still feels so unreal! It won't be real unless I meet Paramore in person. That would be much better. It's in my to-do list before I die. Meet them in person.

Hayley live on stage was unbelievable! She headbanged and jumped and run around the stage and she didn't even have pitch problems. It's like what you hear on the radio. It's like what you watch on a Youtube video. It's just....perfect! Perfect pitching on vocals. Awesome showmanship. She really knows how to connect with the crowd. Performers like her don't come around very often.

I got myself a Paramore T-Shirt. And I got interviewed (is that the word?) by MTV Asia. Well, some woman with a camera man approached me and ask if I would like to give a shoutout to Paramore while showing our T-shirts. So I got my friends with me and we gave a shoutout. Funny thing is we promoted Borneo more than we did Malaysia. =P If Paramore does come to Malaysia or better still, Sarawak, credits to us then. xD Despite not being able to meet Paramore and have a picture with them, at least I still get to have my moment with MTV Asia right? Hopefully Paramore saw my shoutout. I'm gona be mad if they didn't. Buang air liur aku jak. Hahaha...

Seems like I'm talking so much about Paramore that I haven't talked about Singapore yet. But Paramore...there's just so much to talk about, really. There's this group of crazy girls who I found out were from Malaysia too. They made a really nice banner just for this. And they started mostof the cheers before Paramore actually performed. I'm so proud of my fellow Malaysians. =] Btw, there's this girl in front of me who kept camwhoring. She kept taking the same angle for like...more than 10 times? Really annoying. It's not the camwhoring that's annoying but the flash. Gosh!! It really blinded my eyes la. Want to camwhore, please la....turn off your flash okay? And tukarlah angle. You won't look any different with the same angle. Some people....they are just too absurdly vain. Sempat also I took a picture of this camwhore. Hahaha....jaik kan?

Hayley actually said that Singapore was the loudest crowd they ever had. And I'm like 'Seriously??'. I bet she was just saying that to please us or something. And she promised that in 5 years time, she'll come again to Singapore cos it was just so fun. And I was like..."Hey...the crazy ones are from Malaysia!" LOL. =P But seriously. The people at the standing pen were like not doing so much. In a Paramore concert, one must headbang. And one must show the devil's horn. Personally, my friends and I should be in front to show them how it's done. Yeahhh....

Life at not a life I would wana live. Too fast paced. Everyone's rushing around me. Sometimes I'd like to just stop them and say "Hey, slow down. Enjoy life." with a smile on my face. That is what I think Singapore needs every now and then. I noticed that you don't see any overweight or obese Singaporeans. They are pretty much fit. Well, they rely a lot on public transportation. And my 3 or 4 days experience there showed me why they are kinda fit. I didn't even feel semput during the concert. The days walking around the city really prepared me for the concert.

It's tall buildings everywhere in Singapore. I've never seen a place where tall buildings are located so near each other. On the air, it looked like a LEGO display. Hahaha.... But shoppping there is definitely awesome. Let's not think of converting la ha. Food there's cheap too. I did quite a lot of shopping. Found really cute gifts for my friends and boyfriend too.

What I like a bout Singapore is that it's civillized. I can just text people out in the open without worrying that people would eye my phone and snatched it from me. Cos...well....people are mostly using iPhones or Blackberrys. Me? I'm using a very outdated k770i as compared to their phone. I can just listen to my iPod without worrying too. And I was sakai about the auto flushing toilets. Hahaha!! I like how organized thar city is. I said. Not one that I would like to live in. I would die if you ask me to stay another day there.

The length of time that I stayed there was just nice. Reached Singapore pretty early and enjoyed the next 3 full days just getting lost in the city and doing some shopping. It isn't that expensive to travel there. As long as you know where to shop and where to eat. You won't go wrong. The 3rd night was the concert and after the concert, I felt that it was a great way to end my trip and I was ready and desperate to go home already. Hahaha....besides, I was missing him already.

So that's my trip to Singapore. And I got to see my favourite band performing live. It's just such a blessing to be able to achieve my dreams. When I first heard that Paramore's gona have a concert at Singapore, I thought that never in a million years I'd be able to go. But I did anyway. This experience is proof that I can achieve my dreams if I put some effort and take some risks.

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