Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MANGO Adventures

Today's Malaysia' Independence Day or is it Malaysia Day, I don't know. What better way to spend a nice sunny day with shopping with my favourite girls - my mom and sis!

Had a good gu bak mee at Green Hill Corner and off to The Hills we go. We stopped by at MANGO or MNG and my sis and mom decided to buy something there. I took the opportunity to try on some clothes cos I've always wanted to do that but never did! So I tried on these....
This was my favourite outfit to try! It's my first time to try layering. Turned pretty good! I shall call this my MNG Fall/Winter 2010 look. =)

I love the colour of the dress!

This playsuit is just so adorable! Prefect for our ever-summer weather!

I always had this crazy idea of trying on stuff that I can't afford. I mean, since I can't buy them, why don't try them on? And I got to do this today. When I got out, my sister asked if I wanted to buy. I just told her that if that's the case, I'd buy all three or the whole shop! Haha...MANGO's like heaven for me! I think I could mix and match and create a whole new outfit with the whole store!

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