Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let's Play Dress Up

Now that I'm back to blogging, I decided to post my fashion inspirations. =) Do enjoy!

Crotchet and florals.

My mom made a crotchet top but she couldn't fit it so she gave it to me. I was wondering what can I do to make this crotchet top look fashionable and not granny-looking. So I came up with this combination. Didn't think it would look good together but it worked! Would be nice if it was a lace top though. But my goal was to use whatever is in my closet and make it current and I did! I feel so proud of myself!

Crotchet top - Mom's
Peplum skirt- Zigzag at Wisma Saberkas
Gladiator flats - Lea Centre
Black sling bag - Sister's
Black plastic bracelet - F.O.S.


Doesn't it look elegant?

Clutch - Mom's

This is an awesome outfit to go shopping or hang out.

Black long beaded necklace - Sinma, Boulevard
Tee - MJC (RM 12.90 only!!)
Denim-like shorts - American Denim, Boulevard (ONLY RM 19.90!!!)

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