Monday, March 1, 2010

In Memory of Jason Kiu

On February 26th at 2am, I lost a friend. His name's Jason Kiu. Not sure if you guys know him but I can tell you he's a nice guy.

When I found out about this really awful news, I can't help but feel regret. I regret not maintaining a better friendship with him. You see, I was a classmate of his way back in Form 2. I sat behind him so naturally we became friends. We had awesome times in class. We're also Prefects at the time which was cool. Know why? We can go out early for recess. So sometimes we hang out in and out of class. The thing that I remember most about him was that he is definitely a very nice guy, who cares about his family, and is easy to talk to.

It is sad that a life of a person who is nice being taken away. Even more so that he is still young. He just turned 19 December last year. He barely made it to 20. Just gone too soon. He had a life ahead of him.

Prior to his death, he lost control of his car and it mowed down some wired fences and hit a huge tree. The car then overturned to the middle of the road. He didn't die on the spot but he died on the way to the hospital due to massive bleeding. Investigators believe the cause of his death is speed. The car he used was bought barely a month ago. A Honda Accord by the way.

I went to his funeral yesterday. A lot of people were there to pay their last respects. Many of whom are 20 year olds like me from SMK Green Road. Really great to see all of them again. Saw a few Swinburnians there too. Even the Chancellor, Mr. Helmut was there. It just shows how good Jason was. How one way or another, he impacted our lives.

The funeral was hard to watch. For most part, I was putting myself in their shoes so that I can digest everything one by one. First, his devastated sister. I imagined if it were my brother, I would be welling up like her because we spent a lot of time together and constantly advising my little brother to drive carefully but yet didn't listen. In a way, I would be questioning "Why didn't he listen??"

Secondly, the mother who was sobbing all the way after the funeral service ended. That was the hardest to watch. I can imagine, if that was my only boy and my baby..... I would be sobbing away like her. I also imagined if that were my own mother. Losing her favourite son like that. It's not a pretty sight to see.

Then there is the girlfriend that I saw at the burial site. If that was my boyfriend, I would definitely be hysterical. I can't imagine losing someone whom I love like that. It would hurt so much! Not being able to hear his voice ever again. Not being able to hug him anymore. Him not being there for me anymore. Losing someone whom you gave your heart to would feel like you lost your hopes of a future with him. And that feeling sucks. It is worse than a break up. This one I can relate to even more.

As for me, as a friend, I am truly shocked. Shocked because I didn't expect this. We take it for granted that just because we're just 20, we still have tomorrow. Truth is, we can go anytime. Cos we don't know what the future holds. But as a friend, I regret as afore mentioned. I have this habit of leaving the past behind. That instead of building bridges, I built walls around me. It made me think whatever happened to my friendship with him anyway? I did talk to him but it was just small talk. Somehow it didn't feel enough. I've seen him around in campus. I remembered the last time I saw him, I smiled at him. And....who knew that would be the last smiles we'd ever exchanged huh?

One thing that bothered me the most - a soul is lost. I don't even know whether this guy accepted Jesus Christ. We may be church going people, but that does not mean it gives us a passport to heaven. It just makes us bench warmers. I don't agree with the doctrine of praying that his soul gets to heaven after death but I believe in praying for his family members for peace. Sides, I don't recall ever reading it in the Bible. The getting to heaven part, I leave that in the hands of God to judge.

It was an interesting experience being in a Roman Catholic church. I got so curious along the way cos there were some things that they did that I don't usually do in my church. So there were a lot of 'why this' and 'why thats'. I do that in my own church sometimes. I do that eveywhere cos I believe I should have my own stand rather than believing in the God of my parents or fill my head with "He said, she said.". You never know whether people are intentionally feeding you lies or giving the wrong information. That is why it's important to question everything that's thrown at you and do your own homework.

Anyway, I lari topic edi.....

So.....I learned so much from this experience. And I certainly will not forget Jason Kiu. Because this reminded me and made me realize some things. That there are things in me that I need to change. And whenever I pass by Jln Ong Tiang Swee to campus, I will always remember. How can I not remember anyway?

Rest in peace Jason. I pray that the family of Jason Kiu would have peace and that Jesus will be with them in their time of grief. And that He would carry them through this hard time.


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Coffee Girl said...

I lost a childhood friend when I was 17. She was pillion-riding and wasnt wearing helmet and got hit by a car, on the way to work 1 morning. Her workplace was only 5 minutes away. She was barely recognizable. Every time I think of her I thought... there's a short life severed in seconds. She never knew romance, kisses, wedding, childbirth, not even a 21st liberating birthday. I didnt even had the chance to talk to her about Jesus. When I think of her mother, I thought a parent shouldn't have to bury their children, it's the other way around. When I thought of her dad, I thought a man had never been reduced to sorrow more than having to accept his baby is gone. When I think of her... I thank God for my life every day.

Your writing here is so heartfelt.