Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello people!!

First and foremost, I wana wish everyone a Happy New Year!!

I know...I've not been posting. Been busy! A lot of things were happening...and very fun...mostly busy with things at church. Carolling to be exact. When there's carolling, there's eating. I can tell you that I did put on weight. Two people that I have not seen in a long time told me that I put on weight. It's a good thing for me. It means that my metabolism rate has slowed down. But it also means that I have to start being a teeny weeny bit more concious about my weight, making sure that I don't balloon too much. I was concious bout my weight before this but more to putting on weight. Now, I have to focus on toning my body. I want the fats to be evenly distributed. =D

So how was your New Year's Eve? Mine was simple but great! Been having so much extravaganze that I just wanted it to be simple. We had a home cooked Western meal that if we were to eat out in a restaurant, it would've cost RM700 or so. But we spent less than that. Probably it cost around RM200 - RM300? We had Sausages, Bacon, Mashed Potatoes, Salad, Buns and Red's an awesome family meal. I made the Mashed Potatoes. Hehe...made it so sinfuly full of fat! I put loads of butter for a nice golden look and great taste...milk for a softer texture...oohhhh now that's good!

I spent first day of 2010 and Sarawak Club's Golf Club. Went swimming and then had a relaxing time in the jacuzzi...awesome I tell ya! And we had lunch. We discussed bout getting my room a dressing table and stuff...and my mum suggested I swap rooms with my older bro since my room is getting too small for both me and my sis. Well...I will miss my old room but I do need a bigger room. What with my books and beautiful orange striped sofa study table...I sure do need a bigger room! I am actually thrilled that I'm getting a bigger room...I can get to go crazy with my interior design cos that room's got a BALCONY!!! =D I've got a place to chill out!! I'm really, really excited!!! And I'm thrilled that I'm getting single bed now... All this while I've been using a queen size bed with my sister. I have to tell ya that I don't like it after the years. Since my mom gave the green light and daddy is willing to pay, I can go crazy with expressing myself. Yahoo!! Happy happy happy!!

Tonight am gonna have a cousin's night out at Secret Sanctuary...yayy!! I really am enjoying my New Year. =]
The bacon and sausage!!


The sinful mashed potatoes.

The salad.

Buns with butter as appetizers

A meal fit for a King?

Buns and wine.

My meal. =)

After the meal, we went to church for our night watch. That's where I do my New Year's countdown every year. Ushering in the New Year by praising God. Every year starts with God and ends with God. =) After the church service, went for New Year supper with Gwen, Elly, Frank, Raymond, Ruby and Tarang. =D Whoo!! It was definitely a blast!!

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