Sunday, November 2, 2008

Unpersonal but Personal

Wana blog bout personal feelings pun cannot. Cos my sister reads my blog so meh. What makes you think I wana blog bout personal stuff when she reads it? So my faithful readers..... Nothing juicy from me. Blame it on my sister. Hahaha...

Well, I'll just tell you bout my miracle. Last night, I miraculously have RM5 in my purse. Seriously. I know it's a miracle cos I remember when I went out with Sotong, I had no money left after our dinner at Spring. And I know I didn't put anymore money inside my purse after that. Not even on Saturday morning. Then suddenly when I went out with Raymond and the gang, there's RM5 in my purse. I tell you, I know my money very well. When I'm short, I know. When I have more, I know.

My brother thinks I'm a cheap skate. He thinks I'm gona get him a present that's worth less than RM10. Pfft! The only reason why I get affordable gifts it's cos it fits my budget! Now that I have money to spend, I'll buy something a little more expensive for him. And he bet that if I get something worth more than RM35, he'll do something for me. Oh...hahaha..... Yes, do something for me you shall my dear brother. Hehe. *tanduk keluar* I'ma get you something expensive and I'ma put the price tag for you to see. Don't get me wrong, I ain't gona buy something expensive just to make him eat his own words. I'm getting it for him cos he's my brother mah. I sayang my brother mah. Then suddenly he say that, I got pissed. Haha. So I intended to keep the price tag for him to see. What I intend to get him? Well, that's for me to know. And some people know.

And....I wana end this post by saying that I wana get a handphone. =) With camera. A good one. So that means a Sony Ericsson Cybershot phone. Heehee. Cos I wana take pictures while I'm on the go. Then my blog will be more interesting with pictures. Hee....and my Facebook will be flooded with my lousy photography. Ahahaha......

And now, let me get back to drowning my sorrows and blasting my eardrums off with Paramore.

Tata!! I'm happy cos of the drug called Paramorephine. =)

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