Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'm so not looking forward for class tomorrow. =.=" I don't wana do Malaysian Studies and Moral studies.

I've already made a plan that I'm not going for Friday classes. No way. I'm gonna ditch it. Sooner or later, I'll be skipping everything. Hahahaha................... Dahlah I've no mood to dress. I'm gona wear a shirt and my white track pants for night class. Preparing for bed early so when I go home, straight the bed I go.

Apparently, I forgot what I wanted to blog about. Dang. Got distracted by Facebook. =.="

Hmm....I'm having mostly night classes. Still, I hate night classes. I like morning. Cos I might wana go out at night. Hah. This sucks.

Haiyah. I was really looking forward to the Hello Kuching Art Event but it clash with church cleaning. Huhuhuhu................well, church cleaning starts in the afternoon so I think I'll go in the morning. I must go. My very first art event. So I wana experience it.

Well, I wana attempt making a song. I'm inspired but I just can't put the words together. I need some quiet time tomorrow.


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