Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obsolete Randomness

Obama's none of my concern. Cos he ain't from mah country and I ain't American. SO what's the big hoo-haa? SPM students are none of my business so why should I wish them all the best and all those what nots? Just get it done and over with. Same goes to STPM and my finals.

What else?

Ah, my two favourite quotes at the moment...

"I have zits and I pick my nose." -Katy Perry.

"You're so gay cos you don't like girls." -also Katy Perry.

It's so meaningless that it's lovely. And I wana go buy more second hand stuff to make something. Hehehe....can't wait for finals to be over. Huhu!!


antonia vera charles william said...

i wanna the 2nd hand shop..cne ya..? u did tell me b4 gal..hahhaa!

Christine Dior said...

yeah...eh, why don i bring you? we together and see-see.

antonia vera charles william said...

yala ho..but me got no time bha syg..hehhee! kinda very bzi..huhu!!! nxt time we go 2gther..y dun u tell me where..? hhhehhehe!

Christine Dior said...

neh....kat association of churches pun building. life book centre. that room is where they sell the 2nd hand clothes. bz ngan apa tok??