Friday, November 7, 2008

Manic Days

Wow...the past two days are just crazy! Yesterday was my brother's birthday party so after some hard core studying, went back a little earlier than usual from campus to get ready for it.

The party was awesome! It's been a while since there's been a huge party in my house. Those that are close to my brother came. Sorry Swinburne people for not inviting cos well, it's my brother's party and the people that I invite are the ones who know him. I wana invite but.....the makanan sik halal. Very sorry. Mac, I know you kecik hati. Hehe. Tunggu lah...ku mok organize another party. Especially for Swinburners.

My brother's birthday party's almost like what you see in MTV Sweet Sixteen. Cos during the time he has to open his present, there was a surprise present for him. Which was his electric guitar that he wanted so much. My mom bought it the day when I thought she dissappeared cos she wasn't home the whole morning that day.

Overall, just awesome, plain awesome. I was thinking of planning a party for Swinburne people. For our after finals exam celebration. So yeah, be prepared, I might have a party. More orange spiked with a little bit of Rum. Hehe. Might not be at my place but elsewhere (due to halal issues) I don't know. I'll see. Dahlah Miss Florence, my IT lecturer was giving us a task of organizing a year end farewell party for the class. I don't know if I'm up for taking up the task. I'll see. But i'll be very free after finals. =) Hee.

And....I went out with Amanda and Gwen. Both of them wanted to go over to Swinburne to visit me. By the time they came, it was evening and my palak already hang. Haha.And Jzlyne was there too. She gerek with orang Swinburne duhal. Haha. So I guess I'll be seeing her around. Gosh missed all of them so much! Sometimes no matter how annoying or how bitchy we find our friends in the past, but once we're away for so long and get back together again, we just somehow miss each other. That's the irony that I had in mind on our very short reunion. Haha. Too bad Antonia wasn't there. Tambah kecoh lagi! And I think my Swinburne friends would totally find us annoying. Cos with all of us together, Swinburne library will bergegar. Haha.

Went to eat at Pizza Junction after that and below are pics....

He was asking for me while I was gone. =)

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