Friday, November 21, 2008

Divine Intervention

I am completely ecstatic right now!! Totally syked and excited!!! I went to the RUTH concert unexpectedly. And I don't regret going! I enjoyed the concert! Really, I do! I love their songs from start to finish. Soulcatchez was good too but RUTH is more of my kind of music. Hehe. The vocalist is so cute!!!! =)=)=) Anyway, I loved RUTH's music from start to finish and I think I'm one of the minority who showed that I love them. Dang. The crowd was lousy, I admit. And what were old people doing there?? ANyways, old people are the ones with money. Reason why most young people aren't going cos it's too darn expensive. It's undoubtedly good but they should really lower the price lah....

Back to RUTH. They're like the Christian version of The All American Rejects. Indie music. If that's your kind of music, by all means, buy their CD!! They've got myspace. If you wana check out their songs, go to myspace. Can't get their songs on youtube.

At the end of the concert, I turned my back and made my way to the exit when......Brandon Crouch threw a CD and some girl who don't look like she's a big fan of theirs got it!! And I was so close!!! GAH!! And I was wailing.....the people who really want it and really like it don't get it but people who don't, get it. I was telling God that it's unfair.

Met Ronald and Pamela at the entrance. After that, Khira and I decided we wana go meet em. Juju tagged along. But it didn't look so promising cos we only saw the Les Paul workers and RUTH band members were kinda busy. was by divine intervention or something else but I do believe it was divine intervention, I saw Sharon. The sister or the organisers. So I told her that I wana meet them. And she brought me to em. Heart pounding, getting all excited....I met them. WAH!!! THANK YOU GOD!!! The vocalist is soooo.....cute lah!! My kind of guy. Tall. Sings. Long hair that doesn't look gay. Plays guitar. Man of God. He's like the ideal guy lah... Anyway, they gave us free CDs. And I mean EACH OF US!! So we've got three. Hehehe. Of course, we're gona give away the extra one since we don't need another one. Might as well bless others like how they blessed us. And......I TOOK A PICTURE WITH THEM!!! =D XD XD XD And I was standing next to the vocalist!! Well, I purposely positioned myself there lah ha... *winks!* XD---->this was my expression when I came out from backstage. Literally and seriously. I'm not kidding. And I was practically screaming but got people so kinda malu. Silent scream lah. And people were jealous that we got CDs. Cos I passed by some girls and they were like "Eeeeeeeeeee.....they have CDs!"

This is an example of God granting you your hearts desire. I wanted this so much and by His mighty hand, He arranged a meeting for me with them. And even got a free CD since I sincerely liked it alot. I thought I wasn't gona have the CD since some lucky person got it when Brandon threw it from the stage. But I got it in a different way. I didn't have to earn it or fight for it with other fans. THEY GAVE IT TO ME PERSONALLY!! What's better than that? I even got a chance to talk to them and take a picture. Awesome. Pure awesomeness. If it weren't for God, none of this hoo-haa had happened. And I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight. Haha.

It's better than meeting Paramore. It's better than meeting Coldplay.

Then again, maybe not.XD

The remarkable event that will be immortalized in this picture and blog....

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