Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friends Are Lovelier Than Thou

I think I'm gona miss my friends. The past two weeks, I have been studying with awesome friends who have absolutely nothing in common. But that's what makes us friends. Despite having our differences, we're all supporting each other with our strengths and weaknesses. Well, we weren't entirely studying....crazy ah. It's more of studying and lepaking with each other at the same time. Talking about it just made me miss it. =( Ah well.

Let's see....the study group consists of Kak Aimi, Yanie, me, Azmi(aka ayoi), Mekartti(Mac), Aliff(alep!) and sometimes Adik(xD) Khairie(k-ree). When the days are promising(lol?), Nimai or Phillex would join us.

Kak Aimi: the kakak of the group. Seriously, she is very sisterly. Very concerned for us and a very outgoing girl. Hehe. She's funny too. Banyak peminat. Huahuahua.... Loved by many adikz. Awww......

Kak Yanie: Another older one. Another funny one. Always 'bertapa' at one corner of the library. Haha. The greatest teacher and story-teller.

me: err....pass.

Azmi: He is the funniest person in the group. Very focused in what he's doing. Even if he can't really concentrate and starts to kid around, he still wants to study and pester Yanie to 'bercerita' to him.

Mac: Isk, isk....always flirting with me. But not entirely a sweet talker. Can say things that menyakitkan hati people. But he's nice lah. Don't get me wrong. When he comes, things become less stressful.

Alep!: The big brother of the group. Hehe. Funny guy also. Always can be seen bombarding his eardrums with heavy metal songs. He is by far the most focused one of the group. He likes to bully me cos I'm one of the youngest and I'm a girl. Well, not extreme bully but playful bully.

K-ree: The most interesting person I've ever seen! He is the youngest of us all. Born in 1991 that's why. The rest of us are 1990 and above. Back to K-ree. Has and interesting hairstyle. Has an interesting sense of style. Has bags nicer than mine. When it comes to listening to heavy metal or j-rock music at loud volumes, he beats us hands down. His is the loudest.

The guys are always fascinated with the accessories that I wear. Especially my black, long necklace and my oversized purple rose ring. Wahuahua... Lazy to post pics.

I really wonder if we will hang out like this ever again. What with Kak Aimi going to degree and Mac who may not be in Swinburne anymore. College is cruel in a sense that we part sooner than high school. =(


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