Thursday, June 12, 2014

I'm Back (again)

Hello, it has been a very, very long time. Slamat Ari Gawai or Sramat Ondu Gawea I bid you all! I miss blogging, I really do. Remember my previous post saying how sick I was? And yes, I have been sick, there were signs. I had headaches and they were getting frequent, I couldn't walk properly and got tired easily. I went for a check up on the 19th of April and I was diagnosed with left cerebello pontine angle tumour. I subsequently spent my Easter in the hospital and the rest was history. I had a surgery on the 23rd of May and now I'm recovering but I dare tell you I'm ok. I'm just glad I don't have those pesky headaches and imbalance anymore. Plus, the tumour isn't cancerous. :D So that is an update on my life and I really hope that I am able to get this blog going for real!

Despite having to rest for a month, I was just itching to go out. Not on my own of course. I need to be accompanied by people who knows my condition quite well which would be my family. On Tuesday my mother and my sister decided we should go cuci mata at Boulevard. Boy was I excited! Since I was stuck in the hospital and the past few weeks we had outings but none involving shopping malls. I was itching to buy something anyway. And I did. Shoes. It's been a while. Take a look at these babies....

Where to buy??
SOS, Boulevard

How much did it cost??
Freakin' 52.90MYR!! For BOTH pairs!!!

As you can see, I was ecstatic. If you wana get some new shoes, head on to SOS cos they're having sales right now. Then again, Boulevard has loads of shoe shops. And then again, it's Gawai so there should be sales. But whatever it is, go get 'em!!


Syaza Suhana said...

welcome back to the blogosphere! :D

Christine Dior said...

And then I disappeared again. hahahaha!!