Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Project Rainbow Cameo

Hello my dear, faithful readers! I would like to announce an upcoming project this month of which I will be collaborating with other bloggers! It's pretty exciting as it is my first and thanks to my dear friend, Syaza of Bloobs.Blurbs.II for roping me in this colorful endeavor.

So what is this Rainbow Cameo? 
A bunch of bloggers (including myself) will be interpreting the colors of the rainbow through makeup or personal style and such. Pretty much a group of beauty or style bloggers who dress up or make up according to the rainbow color theme. The project progresses in the following order all throughout September:

Week 1: Introduction of Project: Rainbow Cameo, Red, Orange
Week 2: Yellow & Green
Week 3: Blue & Indigo
Week 4: Violet, Rainbow & Closing Post

Yours truly will be kick starting this project by coming up with a red themed outfit which will be out on Friday or Saturday so stay tuned! Also, do follow up on this exciting project and let's see what us girls are gona put up for you!

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