Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Rainbow Cameo Collaboration Chronicles

My my....I've got back from my vacation and classes have already begun and since then, it was non-stop. It is only tonight that I got the time to sit down and blog. It's September and it's Rainbow Cameo month! As promised, I'm to give some insight on what the other bloggers have come up with! For Orange, Izzah has volunteered to take on the challenge!

Have you ever been on Pinterest or Tumblr or Instagram and admire the manicures that some girls come up with? Do you adore color gradient manicures that seem impossible to do? Well my girl Izzah came up with a tutorial on Orange gradient nails!

Isn't it just beautiful? I've always wanted to do gradient manicures and found some tutorial online but Izzah came up with step-by-step explanation along with pictures that everyone can follow to achieve this look. So head on over to her blog to check this tutorial out!

Remember earlier on I said that the posts will be in the order of the rainbow colors to this collab? Well, the colors will be set on random from now on so what color is up next would be unexpected.

We also have Indigo looks up already! And dearest  Mya of Sweettedy is taking up this unique color. Mya has come up with something special as she did both an outfit and makeup post. Since Indigo is not a common color and buying a dress that you only wear once is a waste, she came up with an outfit comprising of something you already have in your closet! Plus, it is a great look for Muslim ladies out there or those who prefer a more modest way of dressing. I really like her choice of fabric - songket. It is one of my favorite fabrics that I hope to own someday. Of course, she came up with an Indigo themed makeup to complement the outfit.

So there you have it - my take on the Rainbow Cameo collaboration! But wait, this is not all as there are more exciting looks and features to come!

Stay tuned. 

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