Saturday, January 18, 2014

All Hail Emma Watson!

Can we please take a moment and admire how perfect Emma Watson looks at the Golden Globes?

If you know me, I am a big fan of Emma Watson. How big? I bought a TeenVogue magazine last year just because she graced the cover. Although it cannot top the one she did in 2009 which you can view here. If I can own this particular issue, I would want to get it. It was a purchase very much based on impulse that I somehow felt a tinge of regret but there is this unexplainable thrill I feel when flipping through the pages of magazines. I can't imagine owning the 2009 issue. I believe I would be like a teenage fangirl screaming "Oh my God" endlessly. I just think 2009's issue was a lot more high fashion whereas 2013 was more street. Either way, I like them.

Back to the outfit in the picture. She is wearing an absolutely gutsy Christian Dior couture dress and she wore it with a cropped pants and wore an earring on one earlobe! Her choice (or her stylist??) was not the usual celebrity red carpet fashion. It was really daring and different. I thought it was really cool and high fashion. Thumbs up! She will always be a style icon. Very high fashion and not just beautiful and put together. She is completely unpredictable and yet will always pull it off effortlessly!

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