Thursday, April 17, 2014


Why, hello there! Indeed this blog has long been neglected. I apologize, for this is my final year. However, I have been dressing my best ever in my uni days. All because I have finally got it. The art of dressing comfortably and yet fashionably with little fuss. You don't have to be uncomfortable. I have also been trying to be a bit more covered up because I am still quite conservative but I still put a little "peek-a-boos" here and there but making sure it's not an eyesore. I've not gone shopping this year. I noticed I only go shopping once a year and I buy essential pieces. Last year mid year, I bought a denim jacket and an orange bag. And then I bought more stuff in KL. I have also learned not to go cheap. They don't last long and don't look good over time. So I figured I might as well shop once a year at good brands like Mango and H&M but buy essential pieces. Don't go buying things that aren't versatile. Especially if you're lazy and on a budget. Also, I grew to find shopping stressful. Not sure why. Money maybe?

I tend to wear jeans and a shirt with awesome jacket or get a statement necklace. I do the same with dresses. Dresses are much better. Just put those bad boys on and a statement piece and you're good to go. Effortless I tell ya. I'll post some pictures if I'm up to it. It's not rocket science, just some visual tricks you need to use to fool people into thinking you're wearing a million bucks when truly, you are wearing a 2  or 3 or even 5 year old garment! Now that's timeless.  

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