Saturday, November 17, 2012

I wana go to a concert!!

Hey guys! We meet again! Told ya I'll be updating a little more frequently aight? So today (actually yesterday), the plan was to go for Yuna's Homecoming Tour. I've been planning to go for this for ages! the end, I decided to go and help out for the children's camp. It was worth it but I still wish I had gone to the concert. I'm quite a fan of Yuna's and I love going to concerts but when there's a concert going on in Kuching, I can't go. But I've been checking out concerts. Swedish House Mafia is going to do their last tour in KL on 18th Jan and there's gona be Future Music Festival going on in March. I'd like to go for both. Hopefully that can come true! Gotta see how much it costs before I can actually decided anything. But based on the acts, I'm more inclined to SHM cos the only act for the festival that I like is The Temper Trap. A band that I truly like. As for A Night Of Trance, Armin's gona be the main act. Not such a big fan of his though.

Anyway, I've got a new skirt that my sister bought for me on her recent trip to KL. I must say, I'm such a sucker for paisley prints...I mean, who isn't?? And also, I'm sporting side-swept hair and still in love with my red lipstick!

What I'm wearing....

Graphic racer back tee - Forever 21
Printed Skirt - Berschka

This is not what I wore today. I wore something else but can't seem to upload the pics. I wore this outfit sometime last week. I notice that I keep wearing this necklace eversince I found it again. I haven't worn these in ages! It's refreshing to use it again. And here, I'm sporting red nails and red lips. I bought the red nail polish a few weeks ago on impulse. I really wanted to buy something that I didn't need but didn't want to regret it and end up broke. So, I bought nail polish at Sasa at tHe Spring. It cost me about RM6.90 if I'm not mistaken. The brand is called Eleanor. I love the brush and texture of this nail polish! Probably the best I've ever used. It dries out fast but not so fast to the point it hardens the brush. It's just nice. I highly recommend!

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