Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Arm Swag!

I'm always happiest when I go to campus dressed up nicely. Like today. I'm very happy with what I've put on. It's like a sense of achievement because most of the time, I really don't feel like dressing up. So I have to ignore whatever I'm feeling and make the effort to dress up. It really does have a psychological effect! Cos I feel a lot happier. It's depressing enough not having much of a life cos I'm constantly trying my best to get my work done, get good grades and play Diablo go out once in a while. I even said no to many entertainments because I knew I had something that needs to be done. I used to just go out and worry about work later. But this is a new me. A more disciplined me. It paid off though. Getting work done on time is actually less stressful than getting work done at the last minute! Plus, my grades are fantastic right now. Better than it's ever been. Anyway, don't wana bore you with work-talk. Here is today's outfit!!

What I'm wearing....

Button-up blouse - MNG
Racer back dress - Forever 21
Bracelets - Left&Right, Colourful one was bought from another friend here.

And my shoes is my trusty Vans sneakers. Goes so well with everything! I don't regret spending almost RM200 on it. I must find another pair of sneakers! I love my arm swag! I just love stacking up all my bracelets on one hand. It's the trend now anyway. Glad I've collected quite a few to get this look. It's better when you have different textures and colours on one hand. Makes the whole look more interesting rather than just getting one of the same type. Lately I've been sporting the side-swept hair. I was so bored with my hair cos I practically do nothing with it (other than colour it) but now, I just pin my hair on one side and sweep it to the other side. So as of now, this is my signature do. It's gona stay I believe. You just gotta have a signature look that just reflects you.

All that talk on Brands Outlet really makes me wana shop there! I was walking around in Boulevard the other day and saw many cheap stuff, including a new shop called POP 21 which I believe is kind of a cheaper version of Forever 21. But...I must resist. A day will come when I can shop in peace!

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