Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ain't Got No Time!

Oh dear, here I go again being such a bad, bad blogger. Not updating for ages. This outfit posting thing felt like a nuisance. While I love dressing up, taking pictures of myself...well, it feels like I'm such a self-centred, vain being who worship nothing but herself. But then again, I love dressing up! Right now, I feel like that isn't such a bad thing after all. As long as I keep that in check at keep in touch with reality. Anyway, my pictures will not be half as good as other bloggers. And then I thought, who cares about other bloggers?? This is me!! Maybe they have photographers following them wherever they go, I don't. Too bad. But I promise myself that I will use whatever means to showcase what I love to do despite being a little less appealing. I will share with you what I'm wearing in an almost everyday basis.

Fortunately, I have pictures! I have been 'documenting' looks that I have been sporting. I shall begin with the first one that I took so that I have something to blog about. Hehehh....and maybe keep you posted on what I'm currently wearing. Give you all a little something to feast on. I'm too lazy to go through the internet to get inspiration. I ain't got no time for that!

There, she said it. I got other things to do on the internet. Like Facebook finding formulas and Physics stuff. Anyhow, today I had to wear the most uninteresting outfit. SO uninteresting that it is not picture worthy. And my hair looked sad! It's cos I had a lab session today. So it means T-shirt, jeans and sneakers day. I hate that. It's like a student Engineer's uniform. It's what I aim to avoid! But here's what I wore on a cold rainy Sunday in Kuching...

What I'm wearing....

Hat - bought at a kiosk at tHe Spring 
Necklace - bought years ago at KL
Blazer - thrifted
Dress - Brands Outlet located at Boulevard Shopping Mall
Black socks
Peep toe wedged booties - Vincci (probably not available anymore)

I really loved this blazer the moment I set my eyes on it! Unfortunately it was pretty hard to style with it. Until this day. It had this unique structure that I like. It's probably from the 90s or something. 

So basically my style is more of using what I already have. I've not been shopping much lately and being a student, I'm always on a budget! This year I challenged myself to use whatever I have and create something totally new! So far, it has been great. Never tell yourself that you have nothing to wear. Go online and search for inspirations. There's plenty out there! No magazine needed either. Also, know where to shop. Brands Outlet is such a great place to shop on a budget and it constantly have great deals. 

That's all from me now, my assignment is calling. Toodles! :D

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