Thursday, March 8, 2012


T-shirt: Pull&Bear / Trousers: nichii / Patent leather flats: Steve Madden / Belt: Came free with a dress I bought :D

Hey hey! I'm back! Classes have resumed so I got caught up with that. As promised from the last post, I will post up pictures of my latest project (well, not so latest now that it's 3 weeks overdue!). But I have not got the pictures from the photographer due to my never ending procrastination on such a simple task. Tsk, tsk. I had a little project with my friend and course mate, Eileen of Left&Right, photographed by Stefan. She sells handmade accessories which are so worth it! She made them so intricately and her designs are well thought of. I highly recommend. In fact, I own 4 or her designs already! And yours truly is the face to her latest collections. *wink wink* To get a handmade bracelet or necklace by the super talented and super genius, Eileen please go to her Facebook page here. Also, you can view Stefan's photography at his website called Suku Kia.

Anyhuu, back to this outfit post. Sorry bout the photo quality. Camera ran out of battery so I had to use the phone. I bought a new pair of trousers on Tuesday and it was well worth it and here I am wearing them! I was a bit nervous in pulling this outfit off to campus because I don't usually go for pants with this kind of structure. I usually go for skinnies. Jeans. Black. But I thought I needed to get out of my comfort zone and explore different structure and a different colour palette. After a while, I thought it looked pretty good. Just a matter of getting used to. Really good stepping stone to entering adulthood eh? ;-)

Well, I hope I can get hold of the pictures from the photoshoot tomorrow. Continue to stay tune to my blog cos I have something coming up as well! Wish I could tell you but I don't wana jinx the progress ya know. So excited! 

Blessings! :-D

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Coffee Girl said...

Dayung, your layout tak lari ka? i buka terus wham! your shirt in my face. not that it isnt a nice picture. hehe. Welcome back!