Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It's been many weeks since my trip to KL. Been meaning to blog about it alas, procrastination got the best out of me! Also, this blog has missed major events such as Christmas and New Year's and Chinese New Year. A thousand apologies!

Anyway, I went to KL just to go for Foster The People's concert. And I must say, the concert was awesome!! Thank God I was able to catch them live cos they are one of my favourite bands! And as you can see, I did a little shopping. Hihi. A must when I am there I suppose. I didn't think of shopping but my father gave me some money so I thought might as well spend it. 

From top to bottom:
1) Mango sling bag. Bought it just so that I can keep my stuff while going around in KL. 
2) Hobo bag. Bought this at Brand Outlet. 
3) Close up of hobo bag
4) Black dress. This was not bought in KL but here in Kuching at One Jaya. This was for Christmas. 
5) Skinnys. I just had to get a new pair, especially in this colour! Also bought at Brands Outlet store. The best part? Buy 2 pairs for RM100! 
6) Zipper detail of skinnys. This was what caught my eye!
7) Some blouse bought at Isetan. I love baggy tops.
8) Close up.
9) Pull&Bear tank. I liked the prints on this one.
10) & 11) FTP tee! The design kinda reminds me of All The Wild Things. Kinda creepy but I just had to.
12) Striped shirt bought at BO as well.
13) Vans sneakers! Finally! My teenage dream have been fulfilled. 

Can't wait to do outfit posts! :)


Coffee Girl said...

Is that a 'tikar kasah' by the side? eh nice hoo ur pics so sharp. Cant wait for the outfit posts too!

Alicia said...

LOVE that bag!!

Mundo de Alicia ❤

Christine Dior said...

yep! it is! i am amazed at the picture quality too and i am not using a dslr. Sony's digi cams are definitely recommended!

Christine Dior said...

Thanks! I like your blog. I'm following. :D