Monday, April 2, 2012


Me and the designer herself, Eileen Phoan! :D

Apologies for the late update! Got caught up with tests and assignments but I am back! And I've got the pictures from the photoshoot! Yayy! Also, I have finally rectified the problem with my blog. Somehow it decided to revert back to the classic template or I did that myself but can't remember. Do take a look at my friend's hand made accessories. They are super affordable and you can get them here, at her Facebook page.

This year is definitely full of blessings! I've been doing things that I never thought I would do. I didn't think that my friend would approach me and ask me to be her model. Not to say that I am model material. By model standards, I am too short to be a model. So I am not one and I never declared myself to be one in the first place. Since this photoshoot, people started noticing me in campus too. I'm not used to the 'extra attention' since I'm so used to being visible but invisible. Trying not to let it get to my head too much. This is just my hobby. I'm still the same old me. :D

Also, please do stay tuned to my blog as I have more projects coming right up! :D


Mara Feliz said...

I really like your laidback style :) You got gorgeous hair by the way! I love it :)

Kisses! xxx

Coffee Girl said...

As usual, i love ur hair! *jeles* didnt see u update in a while dayung. get back on it! love the fashion sense. Happy weekend!

Christine Dior said...

Woops. haha...sorry dayung! busy with my course work. baru jak start holiday.