Monday, October 19, 2009

This Weekend...

So what am I gonna do this weekend? Last weekend I was forced to stay at home to try and complete my lab reports. So no going out that weekend. But this weekend I shall reward myself with going out after this week's load of tests and such. Boo.... I don't wana work.... I wana playy.... Anyway, this weekend, I decided to........ Oh wait. Before I continue. You all know how I like rock music right? Like Paramore and such. Well....guess what I decided to go to this weekend?

Yep...Swinburne's Dance Party!! ROFLMAO!!!

Believe it, I'm going. For the adventure and to hang out with my friends. =)
Non-Swinburnians can come too. Just come to out uni to get it! =D
See ya there!
For those who's going that is..

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