Thursday, October 29, 2009

Swinburne Dance Party 2009

Hey guys! How you've been?

A lot of stuff going on but I couldn't blog about em due to crazy internet connection the past few days.

The Dance Party

So last weekend I went to Swinburne's Dance Party. It was fun! But what I didn't like about it is that in the midst of the songs, there will be some people stealing the limelight. Some people will be doing their moves and people would stop dancing and just go around them and watch them do a showdown.'s a dance party. EVERYONE should be dancing. EVERYONE should be participating in dancing...not just a few people.

People dancing on stage.

People watching those limelight stealers.

I enjoyed dancing with Mel, Joyce and Sonia. Man....Joyce and Mel can really move! And we don't even need booze to get all crazy and have moves. =]

Oh, and being a Swinburne student, we have a lot of benefits. We get discounts at certain bookstores, we've got the best facilities, great lecturers. the can see people actually studying and doing discussions. Awesome study environment. We even get discounts at certain cafes like 5 Loaves Cafe. Uhm....and that night, they told us that Swinburne students have discounts at Monster Tongue on Friday and Saturday nights. I wonder if it applies to all students but...discounts are discounts.

After the party, I bumped into my friend and she asked me whether I'm going to Monster Tongue after that. Like duh, of course not! I was on my way to Kado. Finally I tried that place. My.....the burgers are huge there! Haha!!! It's my first time eating a burger with fork and knife. I usually use my fingers. But in the end, I used my fingers. I just can't enjoy it eating burgers that way. Some pics while we were there...
My Beef Burger

Faisal taking a BIG bite! xD

Arvin and Faisal tengah suk makan.

JD took this pic.

Really...such an awesome evening spent with friends and my beloved. I love them and I love him so much! Such company is precious. =) Again, love you guys! =D

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