Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Will Run This Race

I was watching a video given to me by Tommy about Moscow Malaysia Fellowship. And a big thanks to him for showing me that video. Because I was touched and encourage and somehow convicted as well.

Moscow Malaysia Fellowship is a group of Medical students who have a heart for God. That's the simplest definition of it. And one of our youth member, Herman, is studying there and joined this fellowship. They started out small but they had a heart for God. And because of that, their numbers grew and kept growing! I admire such faithfulness and I admire how they love God and how they serve Him...and most of they put God first in their life! As much as it amazes me, I am put to shame as well.

The vid makes me wonder how enthusiastic I really am for the work of God. Makes me wonder why do I keep living for myself when I should go and show and tell people about my God. Makes me wonder how far would I go to saving a life. So many people still have not known this guy called Jesus and are on their way to death....and I'm not carrying out my job to tell them about Him!

Many times, these things would remind me of my Youth Fellowship. How long will we go on like this? Stagnant. Seeing the same faces. How long? It discourage me most of the time. I really wonder how to tell people to come to youth and learn about God. Am I not friendly enough? Maybe. I don't know. At times, I get so burned out, I just wana give up. Like up and getting distracted by other things. And fulfilling my selfish desires. I believe there is more to do. But I guess....after watching the video, the question I should be asking myself is.... Is my heart for God in the process? Sometimes, I get complacent. And going to youth or GB is another job for me. Just to attend. It shouldn't be that way! I should be excited! Thrilled to come every week to enjoy the fellowship of my brothers and sisters in Christ! Even if we are few...we shouldn't be discouraged by numbers......

I forgot how it is like to be in a youth fellowship where learning and worshipping God is fun anymore. Being one of the leaders can be mind blowing... Lord, I want that enthusiasm and that love for You like they have...or even better than what they have. Nothing in this world could matter apart from You. And I want You to be my first love! Having You is to have and fame....brings me nothing but death still. Help me to set my eyes on You and You alone. For You are great...and worthy of ALL praise. I ask that You reignite my passion for You and for Your works that I will not fall. Help me too to not loose sight of You. AMEN!

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