Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Toys

I got myself a new toy today! And I'm so totally syked about it that I just gotta tell the whole world!! Today.....I got myself ..................

MAKEUP BRUSHES!! Yahooo...........
I really love the makeup bag that it comes with it.

Got these darlings at Elianto for RM62. It's a lot cheaper compared to The Face Shop. But I believe you can find cheaper elsewhere but I do believe in quality. So Elianto should be alright. I decided that I like doing makeup even more after St. Faith's 40th anniversary dinner. The Youth Ministry did a skit and we did some makeup. However, my tools were limited so I couldn't do much. These tools are to serve me creatively. I really wana venture into stage makeup. And maybe you'll find this blog interesting, Kandee The Makeup Artist . She's got really interesting stage makeup going on there and I'd like to learn more.

More pics of my darling new toys...

My weapon of choice. The Face Brush.
I'ma smack yer zits with it.

As you can see, my photos were not edited. And so, you can see that my face is red and stuff but I don't mind. I shall show you how I really do look like without my makeup. I think I look beautiful just the way I am. And so do you! Also, I didn't change my shirt for this. I know the whole world is watching but there's a lot more important things in this world than to look beautiful....like saving people. That's more important. =)

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