Monday, October 12, 2009

The Hardest Thing Is To Be Yourself

People say to impress a girl, you gotta go to the most expensive restaurant, the most expensive gifts and all that expensive shit..... But I beg to differ.

Everything is dollars and cents. If you can't afford it, why go to the extent that you're willing to get yourself in a huge debt....And for what? Semata-mata to impress a girl?? Come on!! Reality check please!

If you really love a person and you know that person is still studying (for my age), don't expect too much. And for me, I don't like guys who berlagak want to bring me to Sushi King la Atmosfera la apaka....because I know you can't afford it. You working kah?? Where does your money come from in the first place?? Your dad kan? It's not yours. So don't sebarang spend it like it grows on trees. Your dad worked hard for it and so you must spend wisely. If you earn your own. Well, it's okay. But still, cheaper food tastes a whole lot better than expensive ones.

To me, a perfect lunch (or a perfect dinner) can be at Hui Sing hawker stall eating Kolo Mee/Kueh Chap/Crispy Pork Rice/Laksa etc. Why? First of all, it's cheap. Yes. Dollars and cents do count on dates. Second, not only is it cheap, it's better than any other expensive food. Anyway, is Sarawak delicacy a Spaghetti Bolognaise? No. I believe it is Italian. And so, why eat Italian when you're not even in Italy. Reknowned chefs like Anthony Bourdain hit the streets to get the local and the best cuisine. Not some fancy restaurant. =)

To end this post, I resent guys who impress girls with money. It's pointless. I don't what that from you. I want you to be YOU. Not another plastic stereotype. I may enjoy simple things but I can tell you I don't think in a simple way.


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