Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pain Is Just A Simple Compromise

I really don't know if I'm choosing the right path. I really don't know what I'm really good at. I just don't know. Oh God, I hope the thing I do now is what You want me to do. Because I feel lost and I feel that I suck at what I'm doing.

Mechanical Engineering...

Why is it so hard?

Now I'm told that this is life, pain is just a simple compromise.

Anyway, stop being so emo!! Hahahaha......cos I'm not. Just thinking bout my studies is freaking me out! Programming....such a tough subject! Many people fail the subject. And the thought that I may fail too is freaking me out!!! I've been spending way too much time hanging out with friends and my dear beloved. And last week was Swinburne's semester break and I went to campus, kononnya mok study la tek. Check2, I online la...lepak la....main game la...all thanks to Arvin who pestered us to have a CS tournament. And yes. I was a gamer. But I repented from that god forsaken tomboy past.

And so, for the past few days, I kept telling myself to turn over a new leaf. Worked a while then I relapsed into lazyness. And told myself to turn over a new leaf....and it goes on and on. And now, I am finally turning over a new leaf for good.....again. Spent this day trying to study and understand C programming. Like I said to Stephen the other day,"I'ma study..for real this time." Cos I kept bumping into him during semester break and he's been asking "What are u up to?" Kept giving him the answer "I'ma study." But I never did. It was a BIG, FAT LIE. LOL.

My blog skin is so emo looking. Haha! I wana make it more...cheery....just like me. =) Always smiling. But when I'm a sour puss, I am a sour puss. I get both extremes. But I'm more cheerful than I am angry or emo. So the blog has to look like the owner. The again, I don't really have the time to sit down and discover the wonders of Photoshop and make my blog look alive! Sighs...........

Okay, gotta sleep! Promised him I'd be sleeping by 1am.
Haha...such puppy love.

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