Monday, February 7, 2011

Fireworks and Romance

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Gong Xi Fa Cai! It's the year of the Rabbit! May this year be fruitful and may you multiply in wealth and health!

Last week, on the 3rd day of CNY, my family and I went for breakfast in town. This man smoking with a pipe really caught my eye that I had to take a picture of him. The pipe was interesting as I have never seen a man smoke using a pipe!

Apart from Chinese New Year being the highlight this month, there's also Valentine's Day. So I decided to come up with an outfit to fit this occasion. I went through my closet and found an old dress my cousin gave me. I didn't like it because it was pink. I hated pink last time but now, I just enjoy it as another beautiful colour. And since pink is such a romantic colour, I had to use this dress. It's also really pretty!

For my hair, I'd like to accessorize it with this beautiful garland by sereni&shentel. It's such a beautiful head piece that goes so well with this outfit! I wish I could afford it though.

Here is the dress that I kept. The flowers just look so dainty and romantic.

And finally, strappy off white sandals from Nose to finish off the look.


Coffee Girl said...

Well?? where's the end product already? show me! that pink flowery dress is a killer! Haha! LIke!

Christine Dior said...

lol...tidak ada gambar end product..hahaha!!

Anonymous said...

I like the way a pipe smells.