Saturday, December 3, 2011


Last week was a wedding of a cousin of mine and I had the pleasure of being the bride's maid. I had a tonne of fun with my cousins! The pictures here are from the wedding dinner. I decided to go for a somewhat old Hollywood glamour with a touch of my ethnicity.

On the first picture, I am actually wearing my mother's ball gown that she bought somewhat 30 years ago for  a ball when my father still served as a police. Next to me is my mother, of course. My father picked the colour  and I must say, my father have good taste! And my mother already had my older brother and sister when she wore this. Truly amazing!

For the second picture, I tucked the corners of my dress underneath my belt to give it a more modern look cos that night, my cousins and I were performing a dance. We danced to T-ara's Roly Poly so I had to do something about my dress. Thank God I had this idea!

The belt belongs to my late grandmother. Basically everything I'm wearing is an heirloom. This belt is the original belt the Bidayuhs use on their costume and it's such a privilege to have it. I remember my grandmother wearing this with her sarong when she was still alive. Now, I'm already having so many ideas to use this belt. It's great to make an ethnic piece modern. And it's always beautiful to have clothing or items that have a  story behind it.

What heirloom pieces do you have? It'd be great to share clothing items that have a story.

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