Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's Have Some Fun

Blazer - thrifted; Dress - Forever 21; Necklace - Sister's; Charm bracelet - Sinma; Boots - Fashion Girl; Glasses - Alyssa's.

It was suppose to be an ordinary Sunday afternoon. The usual routine of going to youth fellowship after church service. It's then that we decided to just take pictures. Well, I asked Micheal to take for me for this very blog. Haha. Thanks for the wonderful pics Mikey! =D

Personally, out of all the pictures, I love the 4th picture. The one with the dude. He's my brother from another mother, Shaun.

The other dude in the last picture is Raphael. The guy that took my picture here in this post.

We're totally different people but we share one thing in common - we're Bidayuh! Though among the three, I'm not purely Bidayuh. Only half. Okay. So maybe we're still different. Doesn't mean we can't be friends. =)

Posing for the 3rd photo was actually Alyssa's idea. I called her a visionary. LOL. And she borrowed me her glasses for it. It gives that corporate, secretary like or should I say in Sarawak's local language skema look. (It means 'rigid' by the way) Many thanks to Alyssa as well!


reeyau said...

love the pics christine. maybe one day i should join in. haha

Christine Dior said...

Yes ruth!! DO join in!! =D

Anonymous said...

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bye :)

Christine Dior said...

Of course! In fact, I will link you right away babe! ;-)

BigGio said...

*applause* fashion blogger in the making!

Christine Dior said...

thank you! thank you! =P

Teresa said...

Great blazer! Love how you styled it!