Monday, March 7, 2011

Pretty Eyes

Hello everyone! Sorry for the sudden hiatus. Classes started on the 21st of February and life has been a roller coaster ever since! Not that I've been busy studying, but I've been busy hanging out too much! First day of class was definitely crazy but for now, I don't have much time to elaborate on it as the semester has shortened from 14 weeks to 12 weeks. So tests and stuff are coming in a week or so.

I have good news! My camera is broken! I'm happy cos I can get a new camera though I have to wait. I'm just very unhappy with the Nikon S220. Even my ancient IXUS 100 is wayyy better than that piece of crap. Also, during the weekend, I had my haircut. Nothing different just my usual wash and cut. The only thing that's different is that the guy styled my hair differently. I thought he was gona make it super curly but he blow it straight and gave me loose curls! I was devastated! It just made me look like my sister! It's nice but I wasn't gaga over it. Kinda makes me look older and serious.


That's all for today so I'm gona leave you with this pretty picture I took of myself (now that came off as vain....).

pretty eyes staring back at me so brown and wide
the colors of the summer sky
the colors of the world
if love is blind, why do i see you so clearly now?
perfect vision of our love somehow
you take over my mind oh,
look up into the galaxy tonight
the stars illuminate the love we make

cause you and your pretty eyes
you keep me alive, keep me alive

pretty eyes you're the one that keeps up all night
i know, no one else could make me feel this way
i want to look up into the milky way tonight
the sky illuminates the love we make
the love we make so bright

cause you and your pretty eyes
you keep me alive, keep me alive

as the moon shines its light on you
your pretty eyes they glow
tell me that you'll stay the night
just stay a while

Pretty Eyes by Alex Goot. You really should check it out!


The WebMistress. said...

Nang kdak ur sis xD frm 14 to 12 wks?? wah. Swin mmg mk bunuh u ppl o-o

Coffee Girl said...

cuci agik di umah, surenya curl balik dengan naturalnya. hehe. ur right, straight wavy hair doesnt suit u that way. u said it, not me.

Christine Dior said...

syaz: yep! week 3 and they're already discussing about tests...*sighs*

coffee gal: dah cuci dah. now it's curly murly and i'm back! when i was typing this post my hair was curly already. :P