Thursday, December 1, 2011

Love, Black.

Shirt: Given; Necklace: Sinma; Jeans: MANGO; Platforms: Emilio Valentino; Bracelet: FOS; Clutch: Mom's

I really have a  thing for black accessories. They just look so edgy and rocknrolla! 

I wore this outfit yesterday to class cos I had to wear these wonderful platforms that I just got! It's just!! It was really bought on impulse. Very bad but very pleasing to the eyes and really gives me a boost vertically since I am rather vertically challenged. Thank God for artificial heightening! Also, I just downloaded Photoscape and I really had fun editing my photos with it. So easy to use! Highly recommended.

The t-shirt right here is actually shirts that we use during funerals. But I find white shirts make really good basics. Is it bad luck? Who cares! I am constantly blessed with hand-me-downs recently and am having a tonne of fun playing around and finding new ways to wear my clothes (and not to mention spend less!). I highly believe there are 2 things (maybe more?) that you should try not to go cheap on: jeans and shoes.

Do keep following my blog as I have really exciting things coming up after my finals! Even I myself am so excited! I'm gona do some collaborative work with my friend so please, stay tuned! I really hope it turns out well.


The WebMistress. said...

Ohoho~ pretty shoes! :D works so well with the basics~ *_*

Christine Dior said...

yeah! I love it too.... :DD

Coffee Girl said...

Wah tingginya kasut! anyway, why don't u shoot urself wearing the ensemble too? wanna see the full effect. ;)

Christine Dior said...

haruss....haha...thought of doing something a lil different. maybe some other time.