Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Since my birthday's coming up real soon, I wana put up my wish list. =P I hope it makes it easier for you all to get me a gift. =)

I would like to have.....

CDs of my favorite bands. Paramore and Coldplay would be lovely. Fall Out Boy, The Script and All American Rejects are cool too. Or...if you think a band would be of my liking, I'm okay with it. I like listening to something fresh and new. For Paramore, I specifically want The Final Riot CD/DVD. =D Oh, and Hillsong's new album is alright too.

I love T-shirts. Especially printed ones with interesting quotes on them. Heh. Like my "Don't Trust Your Boyfriend" tee. I love it but I don't believe in it. =P Don't believe what the T--shirt tells you.

I'd love to have that Wireless Microphone but it's costs RM600++ so let's just skip that.

I like accessories. Necklaces are definitely my favorite.

Artsy stuff are cool too. I like things that I can decorate my room with and it can definitely add a memory of you to my room. =)

Strictly no teddy bears. Unless you want me to skin you alive. I may be cute but I don't like cute and furry things lying around in my room.

Hehehehe........please get me one of these...pleeaaasseeeeee................................

*smiles sweetly and flutters eyelashes*

how can you resist that look??



Flores Hayes said...

happy birthday! my panda fanatic roommate got a Morn Creations bag as birthday gift.
she is just thrilled with it!
Flor (floreshayes@gmail.com)

Kathryn said...

ahhahahahahahhaahahhaah ahem... my wishes are with you if that counts.. ehhhe blessed be-earlied birthday!!!!

Christine Dior said...

lol....thanks kat!! =P