Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hot Days

Today....woke up kinda early cos I couldn't really sleep. Boohoo.....

So I just did some housework before I got ready to get my results. Yes!! Today is the day I collect my result!! So I go lohh....take my result lohh....and you know what? Of all the subject to fail, I failed Innovation and Change. Yes, the darned Innovation and Change. I feel like I don't have dignity to fail Inno. I accept failing Engineering Physics. I accept failing Engineering Maths (B). But Innovation and Change?? It really caught me off guard. I think it caught EVERYBODY off guard. This time round, the marking is really strict and so, lots of people failed Innovation and Change for the first time in history. I envy those who took the subject last sem.

After taking my results, had lunch with him. Yes, it is something that I missed very much. After that I went home. The day is so frigging hot, sat directly in front of the fan and just watch TV. Actually, I was about to go out with him when my mom told me to go pick up my bro from school. Spoil kan? Oh well. It's not that I get to do that all the time you know. I missed it so much! And when the holidays are over, I'll never see it again. =( Which means, no Leverage, no House, no Two and a Half Men.....oh.... I don't look forward to the day we part, oh TV!

Oh, and I did something to my room. =) When the refurbishment is done, I shall show you my crib. =D Right after that...surprise, surprise....he called me. It just confirms something.

That pretty much sums up this hot day.

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