Friday, July 10, 2009


No offense but....

I hate it when people give me gifts that aren't useful. I really don't like things that accumulate dust cos it makes me sneeze a lot and it doesn't look nice.

I like practical gifts. Gifts that I can use. It is those gifts that make me very happy. Unless you know my taste and can find something perfect to decorate my room, it is an exceptional case. You can buy things that aren't useful. But if you don't, just buy me scented soap or scented candles and that's enough to make me happy. Seriously. I like those kind of things. Or maybe a cleanser or what not. Anything that I can use, it makes me happy.

I hate Teddy Bears. They're cute and all but I don't place them in my room. And I DON'T cuddle it all the time and make it a necessary item for me to bring with me when I go traveling. I'm really not that kind of girl. I don't like things going to waste so don't bother buying me a Teddy Bear.

Please, don't waste your money on things that cannot be used. I like to save and make full use of everything.


BigGio said...

your bday coming up?heehee.
but,i tot that's what gifts are for(i mean a part of it). it is when someday, when we look back at the little gift ppl give to u, you will start thinking of the moment that ppl give it to you. i mean, it may be collecting dust, but it also preserves memories. betol ka?

Christine Dior said...

betul...but i don like.
my bday coming up meh??