Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ke-boring-an, Sila Meng-entertain-kan

Tonight is one of those nights where I can say "It's so hot that I can just wear my bra and underpants and just watch TV."

But I am doing quite the contrary. Hahaha. Easier said than done for me. Right now I am in the living room enjoying the air-cond but dreading my dad banging on the piano. -.-" Well, he's enjoying it so I'll just zip it.

Anyways, what will I blog tonight? Well, I was going through my friend, Melissa's blog and read her post on her top 6 hot guys. The thing is, I don't have any. I am oblivious to the hot guys of Hollywood. They look all the same to me. When I see Hollywood stars, I see how they dress so I guess I'll make my list of Top 5 Most Fashionable People (As According To Christine). It is judged entirely by ME, it is MY own opinion. So I don't need YOU to criticize ME. Well, I sound harsh cos I don't want people flaming me after this. I'm taking this precaution because of my Edward Cullen post last time caused someone to go frantic and totally flamed my blog and pretended to be multiple other people and filled my cbox with utter rubbish and calling me a loser. But seriously, who's the loser here? I envy Edward Cullen. Because he's not as good-looking as Jo Jonas or as sexy as Justin Timberlake but he gets the girls crazy to the extent they want to defame me and probably KILL me for saying he's ugly. But it is fact. You only say he's good looking cos of his dreamy eyes in the movie Twilight. It's all just so cliche. Remember High School Musical? Yeah, Zac Efron got his big hit there. The exact same way how Edward Cullen got his. All except, Zac Efron is more good looking.

Back to topic!

As I was saying....

My list of Top Fashionable People are...

First up...

Katherine Elizabeth Hudson or nama glamour nya....Katy Perry.

Hey, I just like her kinky style. She doesn't really conform to stereotypes so she's definitely one of a kind. Her style is....retro sexy with makeup that is doll-like. Definitely love it! And her body...not the typical stick-like figure of a model. Very sexy and very much coveted by many, I believe. People always look at Rihanna or Beyonce....but never Katy Perry. Sad...but needledd to say, she is beautiful in her own way.

Wonder what's she doing.
Photo courtesy of

My next pick is...

A British model who is at the pinnacle of her career and she rules the runway. She walked on the runway for names like Anna Sui, Chanel, Dolce & Gabanna, Stella McCartney and also Versace to name a few. Formerly the face of Burberry...yes, she is none other than Agyness Deyn (her nama glamour also la..but I forgot what's her real name). Her style is definitely that of a rocker chick. That's why I like it. Very laid-back and a style that can be used daily.

After Agyness would be....

Again British. A poised young lady. You know her through the famous novel made into a movie, the Harry Potter series. That's right, it is Emma Watson.

Emma Watson is a very bright young lady and mind you, she is the same age as I am which makes her very, extremely extraordinary. She's also a sportswoman as well. A very accomplished young girl. And to top that off, she is the new face of Burberry.

This is my personal favourite.

These photos were taken from her Teen Vogue photo shoot. She actually consult her own styling. So I must say I love her style. Very classy...very....British. For me, I think if I wana go for dinners and stuff like that, I'd emulate this kinda style. I dig this.

The top of my list goes to......

Gwen Stefani.

What else can I say? She's beautiful.

Here ends my list of Fashionable Women.


Hope you enjoyed it.

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