Saturday, February 14, 2009

We're Gona Rock This World!

Last night was Planetshakers concert and it was a blast! C'mon, the actual team came! Henry Seeley never fails to amaze me. It's just like listening to the recording. Awesome!

For those of you who weren't willing to spend a friggin RM10 on the ACTUAL Planetshakers' team.....RUGI BETUL!!

RM10 is real cheap. It's so friggin cheap and you're telling me that it's so expensive? Come on, to bring in the ACTUAL Planetshaker's team ain't cheap alright? You gotta consider their air fare and passports and things like that and all that can easily amount to RM 15 000 or more. And usually, when UNsponsored, you end up paying RM50 or RM30 (the cheapest). The previous Planetshakers concerts costs RM5 cos it wasn't the main group. Don't tell me you can't fork out an extra RM5 for the actual team right? RM10. Plus sponsorship from Bethany ministries, don't you think it's worth it?

Anyway, the concert was awesome! I jumped. I danced. I sing. I screamed. I headbanged. So I clearly had fun. The message that the songs carries were great too! Last night really inspired to really go all out and not be afraid of getting deeper into Christianity. And so, I will try my best and give my best. I know it's difficult but I just gotta try.

Today's Valentine's Day also known as Single Awareness Day. It is a day where singles like me do realize that we are single. But......I am also very much aware that I am very, extremely happy. Hey, at least I know I don't have to spend so much money or brainstorm on what to give. But truth be told.......I am utilising this 'special' occasion to make money. Ngiahaha!! Manipulating couples just so that I can make money....tsk, tsk....... I should be ashamed of myself but I'm not. I'm making money. Ngiahaha!! I was busy promoting 5 Loaves Cafe's Valentine's Day promotion. The promotion's good. RM50 per couple. The menu is as follow...

Because we save your money to save your love
(okay, I added that one)

Spellbound Soup
Tater Chowder Soup or Beef Bacon Bisque
Main Course
5 flavor roast Chicken or Pan Seared Fish with Lemon
The Lovebug
Choc Mudcake with Whipped Cream topped with Choc Syrup and Cherries
Promotion includes Bubbling Love Potion and a gift!
But too bad......the promotion's over. Haha!! Would've made alot of money if I did posted about this earlier. Not many people made reservations but at least got people lah. Lunch not very laku but with this kind of deal for dinner? I'm pretty sure we'll be full house! Unfortunately, we don't open at night.


BigGio said...

haha! my sis went there. and,it ends at 10pm? what a short period for a concert!
can't go coz workin...

Christine Dior said...

oh....yeah. really short lah......tedah, u was fun lah!