Monday, February 9, 2009


Hello people!!

Haha....I've been away. I know...but I've been busy. As always. Last Friday was Band Idol, hosted by St. Joseph's Marching Band held at St. Joseph's school auditorium.

Well, Band Idol 2009 was not as happening as Band Idol back in 2005. Sad... Bad publicity I suppose. Blame it on St. Joseph aight? Anyways, this year's Band Idol's participation is open to all schools who have marching bands namely, SMK St. Teresa (boo..) and SMK Green Road. And Green Road sent the coolest team ever. Green Road's representative is called........THE GEEKS!

Handsome geeks and their lovely instructors

Well, before I begin telling you who won and who didn't, who should win and who shouldn'y and bla, bla, bla...lemme just show you the video that I took during the competition and have your own opinion first.

Okay....and here's the winning team........(sorry setengah sis called half way. grr...)

Frankly speaking the winning team, Suthi Downgraded was boring. Why I say boring? Well, we're all from the marching band and we've seen St. Joseph's Drumline a million times. They do the same warm up. Have the same concept of on-field marching band style with all the colourguards and yada, yada... All so predictable isn't it? I am very disappointed cos usually St. Joseph always never fail to knock my socks off. Band Idol 2005, the drumline of St. Joseph came up with The Painkillers and it was awesome. But this year, Suthi Downgraded was sadly disappointing. I'm not saying they're not good. Technically, they were awesome. Very precise dynamics and articulation. Balance is good as well. And they really did pay attention to details. But the problem is, we've seen it all before. If they had come up with something that's not similar to on-field marching like The Geeks, I would have palat my own school (and my own brother) and voted for them instead. I was not bias in voting for my brother's group. I think they were fresh, original and new. Comedy was an extra bonus. Kudos to The Geeks. Even though in terms of technicalities, their songs can't match the other teams as they played harder pieces. But one thing the others teams forgot......audiences don't care about technical stuff. It's whether you have stage presence. Aka whether you're entertaining and whether you get the crowd screaming like crazy. Bottom line is, no one cares if you're a professional musician. PERIOD.

The Geeks, you guys are awesome. Results don't matter cos, we're at St. Joseph's territory so of course they will win lah.....even though they do acknowledge that The Geeks should win, nevertheless, they votged for their own school. We would do the same wouldn't we? By the way, our marks just differed by 1 mark. At least we know we were not so far away from being the winner. Winning's not everything right? It's the exposure that counts. I'm just so happy that you guys had the chance to represent Green Road and you guys made us known as the band filled with rockers. Haha.... And I am so proud that the idea of Crushcrushcrush was inspired by my performance during our annual band dinner last year. Click here to view the performance.

Credits to Julian Evan and Kester Bakiaraj for the wonder choreography and composing.

So now you all know one thing about me. Yes, I can be a marching band fanatic.


BigGio said...

C, looks like u hv a happening weekends i see. lol.
which reminds me ... i played street soccer last time, and our team's name is called: MAIN BOL YA BASTOP KAH?
i noe, so unrelated. but who cares.

Christine Dior said...

haha!! cool name.....

yeah...should've begged you to come to the Band Idol to get more votes.....ku malas mok promote Band Idol bah...huhu....

Sabrina said...

I think the 1st,2nd and 3rd prize is the same - a table fan (I think) xP

Christine Dior said...

nawp. first prize is a teacup set. gawd....why the prizes so lousy wan?? it's so unuseful to a student. -.-" lucky for them the contestants didn't join for the sake of the prize.