Monday, February 23, 2009

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1. My name is Christine Dior. Seriously. Ain't being a poser. Check my IC for verification if you want. It's for real. Cos I actually told people my name and they gave me this "are you kidding me?" look. And I always have to tell them I'm serious. -.-" Difficult, difficult....

2. I grew up listening to Third Eye Blind, Smashing Pumpkins, Blur, Nirvana, The Cranberries and the likes. Hence, the interest in rock music. My first favourite band before the Backstreet Boys and N Sync phase? Michael Learns To Rock. Ain't rock like the other bands I grew up listening to but's a band with guitar, bass etc.

3. Katy Perry's Thinking Of You is stuck in my head.

4. I want to buy a dress. Dress is easy. It's one piece and therefore, less hassle. And I think I'll stock up on dresses for next sem so that whenever I'm lazy (which is often), I'll wear a dress.

5. Then again.....*horrible sight of almost seeing someone's underwear while walking up the stairs at Swinburne flashes* then again.... HER DRESS WAS TOO DARN SHORT!!

6. I don't find guys with huge muscles arousing. Really. I either find them disgustingly erotic or just downright GAY. So much for protein drinks. I don't think real guys would wana really work out and buff up their bodies anyway.

7. I'm hungry right now. Really hungry.

8. Pissed with Bank Simpanan Nasional's inefficiency. So much for GOVERNMENT BANKS. Waited for one and a half hour just to do my payment to Swinburne.

9. I'm living a real life Diner Dash.

10. I love language. I think all languages are awesome. Especially all our local languages.

11. I looovvveeeee performing. I love being nervous. Nervousness just sends adrenalin rushing through my veins. It's when I'm nervous that my performance is the best.

12. Music. Love it. I sing, play the piano and the guitar (not my best).

13. I was in a Marching Band. It's something like an orchestra but we learn some other stuff like marching and loads of physical exercises are involved. So it's kinda like an orchestra and a sport altogether. Used to play the flute and then played the Marching Mellophone. Not a common instrument but sure sounds nice! And this explains why I still have a body of an athlete even after I stopped playing Squash.

14. As said above, I was in the making of being a Squash player. Could've been representing Sarawak or maybe even Malaysia by now but.....God had different plans. And I'm thankful for that.

15. I miss my friends. I can go out but they can't. Sad ain't it?

16. I really have to buy the dress lah..................itching, itching...ngehehe..

17. Eversince I've not been in the Marching Band anymore, I got back to my original skin tone. I can't believe that I'm fair!

18. I can't wait for classes to resume. I miss my college friends as well! All our lepaking and all.....really miss all that. And work, though fun, is draining life out of me in a way. I strongly believe it's not work but myself.

19. Never think that I allow people to bully me when they scold me while I keep quiet. I'd rather be quiet than allowing the nastiest things to ever come out of my mouth! Baik membisu daripada mengaum!

20. Photography? Something that I won't say I'm very good at but something that I like to appreciate. Not very rajin to do photography anymore.

21. Music? Something that I'm very passionate but also something I won't say I'm best at. It is definitely something that I can do.

22. I do think that I wasted lots of money pursuing classical piano untill Grade 8. Spend lots of money to just get a 'Pass'. Baik x boh jak nak? And instead of continuing Degree, I end up playing contemporary piano.

23. I like my hair to be messy. I don't usually atur my hair properly after waking up. I think it has a mind of it's own that it styles itself. Seriously. I like that out-of-bed messy look. Kinda has that rocker feel which does reflect my personality.

24. I used to wear retainers. I still do but not so often nemore. Ehehehe.....

25. I'm not gona tag people. I did this just for fun. If you wana do, just do lah.....

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